GDS2017 will be hold in Swiss Grand Hotel Xiamen China.

The organizer will contact the guests and arrange the shuttle services at the

Xiamen Airport (XMN), Xiamen Railway Station and Xiamen North Railway

Station. Moreover, if you prefer making by your own means of

transportation, please refer to the below schemes:

  1.   Xiamen Airport (XMN)

①Take a taxi to Swiss Grand Xiamen (Time:30 minutes / Cost: 45 RMB or so)


      ②Take Airport Shuttle Bus for “Ferry line” to the ferry, and walk about 960 meters to Swiss Grand Xiamen.

  1. Xiamen Railway Station:

①Take a taxi to Swiss Grand Xiamen (Time:15 minutes / Cost: 20 RMB or so)

  1. Xiamen North Railway Station

     ①Take a taxi to Swiss Grand Xiamen (Time:45 minutes / Cost: 80 RMB or so)

For all the distinguished guests in GDS 2017, we will arrange the room booking service and completed the reservation based on your time schedule and special requests.

Swiss Grand Hotel Xiamen is the most high-end hotel brand of Swiss Grand Hotel Management Group. The hotel is located in the commercial center of Xiamen, and the piano island – Gulangyu is in front side of sea which owns the great views of Xiamen. The hotel is very convenient for the business district, sightseeing, shopping and entertainment areas, which also included 588 deluxe rooms and suites, of which 130 serviced apartment suites can be reached by exclusive lift. The 3rd and 4th floors of the hotel are equipped with a total of more than 3,500 square meters of high-level conference rooms, multi-purpose hall and business center, fully equipped. 4 international restaurants collected with all kinds of cuisines, each with its own characteristics.


Xiamen is located in the southeast coast of China, Overseas tourists preferred Chinese ten big tourist city.

1 厦门大学-Xiamen University

The school was built in 1931,it is large in scale, but also a big garden ,Also known as one of China ‘s most beautiful university.


2 中山路-Zhongshan Road

The downtown Zhongshan Road, also have more delicious food. Here just a snack will let you feel the most delicious.


3 鼓浪屿-Gulangyu Island

A small island in southwestern Xiamen, and is known as the Garden on the Sea ,It is the only “on-foot” island because there are no vehicles. Many residents on the island are music fans and many Chinese-famous musicians were born here; its name the Island of Music.


1 花生汤- Peanut Soup

Sweet soup with peeled, soaked, and stewed peanuts and sugar.


2 海蛎煎- Oyster omelet

Omelet with fresh oysters and usually prawns or shrimps, mixed into a potato starch batter and fried into a pancake.

cj3 春卷 – Xiamen Spring Roll

A thin wheat pancake (baobing) used as a Wrapper, filled with mainly vegetables and additionally seafood. Xiamen Spring Rolls are not fried and bigger than “usual” Spring Rolls.



4 沙茶面 – Sand Tea Noodles

Sha Cha Mian is a noodle soup with pulverized peanuts. It can be added with various ingredients, i.e. pork belly, shrimps, squid rings….